IHW Testimonials



“We want to personally thank you for allowing us to experience the ministries of IN HIS WAKES. Because of your sacrificial service, 118 children were able to participate in something that they would have never had the opportunity to do otherwise. Their lives will never be the same as many gained a sense of confidence that they never had before. We appreciate your concern for the needs of others, and value the sacrifices you made to join our efforts in touching and changing children’s lives.”

-Dave and Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries

“Greetings, We want to thank you and your team for a great time last week at the event. Our young men at the Reichert House had a blast and we always look forward to attending. What you are doing is a powerful ministry that has a special way of impacting the lives of people from all walks of life. Our students constantly speak of the great experience and changes it made in their hearts. We hope that you and your team continue this work and we hope to continue to be involved and associated with "In His Wakes!" Thank you once again.”

– Reichert House Youth Academy

“Thank you so much for blessing the residents and staff of the Mercy Ministries St. Louis Home! The "A Day to Remember" involved huge breakthrough and incredible fun for all of our girls!”

– Melanie, Program Director Mercy Ministries St. Louis

“Communities need individuals like you to show our youth a positive road in life and the benefits that road can lead to. Our youth were provided a day to remember for the rest of their lives.”

– North Carolina Methodist Home for Children Staff



“I have skied most of my life, consuming a lot of time and money. Being selfish with my time and God given talents became a burden of my heart. God lead me to In His Wakes ministries through a magazine article. My family and I went to Orlando to volunteer at a "A Day to Remember" event. We saw four young boys give their lives to Christ. We are seeing lives changed through this high powered, very exciting ministry.”

– Bruce, Ohio

“Every year I volunteer at the In His Wakes events in Greenville, North Carolina. This is a ministry that is close to my heart because my sister Kristi followed God into doing His work. I see firsthand how it pays off in the lives of the children. When the kids arrive at the lake, they are beaten down and think the world is against them. But by the end of the "A Day to Remember" event, these same kids are bursting with laughter and have forgotten all of their trials. They are filled with joy and hope! So many kids give their lives to God at these events. I am thankful for the day In His Wakes affords me to move past thinking only about ‘me’ by providing me the opportunity to help others.”

– Michael Overton, North Carolina

“As a volunteer for In His Wakes, I learned the value of having someone I had never met learn to trust me enough to take them deeper into the water! Deeper into the real water, and deeper into the understanding of just how much Jesus loves them! It was a privilege to be trusted and an honor to be entrusted with the heart and life of another! It was a huge blessing to be a part of God’s plan for these kids’ lives!”

– Margaret, North Carolina



“I am sure you remember my daughter’s story- her birth mother had held her head under water for punishment. God used In His Wakes greatly in her life! She is still benefiting from the "A Day to Remember" event and she still wears her medal-constantly! Before your event, she would hardly get in a kiddie pool without a life jacket. One day last week, I reminded her of her medal that you had given her and told her that anyone brave enough to water ski when they were that scared could certainly swim. It was truly amazing to see the light go off in her head. She said, "Yeah, I can! I was scared but Mrs. Kristi and God helped me." Then she shed the life jacket and went under water! ¬†All I could do was stand there and cry and praise God. I love seeing how He is using so many people to change her life! I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to be used as an instrument in this little one’s life. My little one left your event knowing that Mrs. Kristi and the gang were cheering for her, and more importantly, that she CAN do all things through Christ who gives her strength – even brave the deep water and ski! Thanks is such a mild word for the gratitude this mama feels!”

– Robin, Georgia

“Last May, ya’ll did an event hosting kids from NC Children’s homes and prospective parents. At that event, my wife and I, along with our 2 biological children, met a young lady who would truly change all our lives. We had prayed about adopting for some time, and had seen this particular young girl’s profile before. We spoke with her a bit that day, and she and our kids hit it off well. Three months later, in August, she moved in with us in a foster status. On 17 December, we officially adopted our newest child. God has truly blessed our family with our newest daughter, and I want to thank you for the part you served in completing our family. May the Lord continue to bless this important work you are doing.”

– Jeff from North Carolina

“My husband and I attended one of your "Day To Remember" adoption events nearly two years ago. That was the day that changed our lives, the day we met two boys who would later join our family. It was a very lengthy and drawn out adoption process, but the two boys are now part of our forever family. We would first and foremost like to thank you for your ministry! You are making a difference for so many children and have changed our lives forever! Second, we were wondering if we could serve as a testimonial either on your website, or at events in NC. Our boys who are now 8 and 10 years old have said repeatedly that they want to go back to “Lake Kristi” and give others some hope.”

– The Taylor Family from North Carolina



“I am so glad that you helped me push past my fears because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had victory!”

– Lisa

“For once I really was able to forget about all the life issues I have to deal with and just have fun. Not only have I been blessed by In His Wakes once, but a year ago on my first day at Mercy Ministries, I was able to experience an "A Day to Remember" as well. It wasn’t until this year, in returning to where I began my journey, that I could see change for myself. It really helped to build confidence in myself and in God and the work He is doing in me.”

– Brandie, Mercy Ministries

“While at the “A Day to Remember’ event, we were treated like family from strangers. To me, that was the best thing you could have given!” Suzanne

"'Thanks for not letting me give in to 'I Can't!’"

– Jamie

“I overcame my fear of boats. Now I have freedom not only within my heart, but on the water as well!”

– Karlyn

“The analogy about being hooked up to two different power sources impacted my life. I realized that is exactly how I felt! I was being torn apart by attempting to hang on to God while trying to hang on to the world. That visual really helped encourage me to let go of the world’s rope and grab full force to the right power source… God!"

– Alyssa

“That day, at the In His Wakes event, along with the message of Christ being our power source, will be forever placed in my heart. I don’t look to the past, wishing I was back there but at the future excited to move forward!”

– Jaime