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For a commitment of $25.00 or more per MONTH to In His Wakes, we will send you the quarterly publication, Victorious Living, published by our founder, Kristi Overton Johnson. There are many costs associated with our ministry. Here are some specific areas you can consider partnering with us financially.

General Financial Support for our daily administrative cost.

Please consider giving monthly. Our monthly supporters help us in our financial planning! Click Here to set up monthly payments or make a one-time gift offering by button above.

Specific Financial Support for the following:

“In His Wakes” Outreach

      • Motor home fund: pays for repairs, insurance, diesel fuel.
      • Sponsoring a child to attend D2R event. Our cost is $100 per child.
      • Sponsor D2R event $2500.
      • Insurance Coverage
      • Donate airplane mileage for ministry travel