A Day to Remember

“A Day to Remember” (D2R) provides the opportunity of a lifetime for predominately at-risk youth by giving them an unforgettable day on the water.

A Day to Remember

Participants engage in water sports such as swimming, boat riding, knee boarding, water skiing and wake boarding. These activities break through walls of fear, distrust, and low self-esteem and expose joy and smiles suppressed by a life time of challenges.

Through on-water activities, time invested in the participant’s life, and the life changing message of Jesus Christ, “A Day to Remember” becomes a starting point for a new life. Participants gain confidence, self esteem, and new found hope to face life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Day To Remember…

  • How can “A Day to Remember” impact lives so greatly in just one day?
  • Who can participate in “A Day to Remember?”
  • What is the format of the “A Day to Remember?”
  • Where are the “A Day to Remember” Events Located?
  • How are the events funded?

How can “A Day to Remember” impact lives so greatly in just one day?

A day of breakthrough: From start to finish, the purpose of “A Day to Remember” is to share the amazing love of Christ through hands-on water sports activities. It is so much more than a just a day on skis! Personal interaction with our staff, the amazing hospitality of volunteers, encouraging words shared throughout the day, and the opportunity of new experiences, combine to make “A Day to Remember” one that allows participants to grab hold of the truth: their lives have purpose and there is hope no matter how bleak their circumstances! The event provides a day of breakthrough for healing and a starting point for a new beginning.

A day of second chances: “A Day to Remember” is so impacting because of the time and personal interaction required to teach participants on-water activities. For many participants, just entering the water takes patience, encouragement, and a hand to hold. We create a bond of trust as children experience overwhelming activities for the first time. They learn to persevere, as they are encouraged to continue to try until they experience victory. Children gain confidence and a sense of self worth as they receive, often for the first time, encouragement and praise for a job well done! They also learn the valuable lesson of second chances as they are reminded of how God, like the boat, will always circle around to pick them up and take them on an adventure of a lifetime, no matter how hard the fall.


A day of Gospel truth: “A Day to Remember” also impacts through a unique gospel presentation. God has provided us with amazing analogies between water sports and our walk with the Lord…analogies which enable people of all ages to grasp how deep and how wide the love of Christ is. Ultimately, participants are shown through example how important it is to be hooked to the Only Power Source that will never fail! They realize victory only comes when you are willing to get off the dock!

Who can participate in a “A Day to Remember?”

“A Day to Remember” was originally created for the individuals who, in their ordinary course of life, would not have the opportunity to experience water sports activities. A majority of participants fall into this category as they are at-risk youth and adults from group homes, abuse shelters, and foster systems. However, God has shown us the amazing impact this day can have on the lives of people from all walks of lives, especially our volunteers!

We are consistently adding school groups, camp groups and church youth groups to our “A Day to Remember” schedule. We have added “A Day to Remember Adoption Matching Events” where children waiting to be adopted are matched with families who have gone through the pre-adoption process. Whatever experiences our participants have had in the past, it is our goal to push each one past their comfort zones, to build trust relationships, and then to share God’s Truth which can impact their lives forever.


What is the format of the “A Day to Remember?”

There are many types of D2R events. “A Day to Remember” provides outings for abuse shelters and group homes and serves as an opportunity for children to be adopted through our parent/child matching events. D2R programs have been held as memorial events, ‘field trips’ for schools, and forums for mentors and their ‘children’ to attend together and bond through the water sports experience. Regardless of the event purpose, the format is consistent.

Generally, participants arrive at the lake by 9 am and are led through a registration process. Next, our “A Day to Remember” facilitator welcomes participants with a high-energy presentation, which creates excitement, eases fears, and builds team spirit through on-land activities and warm-up exercises. Participants are then broken into groups and head to the lake with our highly trained staff and experienced volunteers. Groups are rotated throughout the day to ensure all have the opportunity to experience each on-water activity. Snacks and lunch are provided.

Life-changing decisions are made in the final hour of the D2R which includes a unique presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared through amazing water sports analogies. Participants are given the opportunity to respond to this message of hope by accepting God’s free gift of salvation. Counseling is offered to those who make life-changing decisions and resources are provided to help them in their new journey with Christ.


The day is concluded with an awards ceremony where the children receive goodie bags and medals inscribed with the words “Champions in God’s Eyes” to remind them that, regardless of their circumstances, they are champions and God has an incredible plan for their lives.

Where are the “A Day to Remember” Events Located?

In His Wakes travels nationally and internationally conducting “A Day to Remember” programs. Generally, water sports enthusiast who have resources such as lakes, boats, and water sports equipment and desire to share their love of the sport with others contact us to bring “A Day to Remember” to their site. Our staff works closely with these event ‘hosts’ to plan the events including organization of participants, volunteers, financial sponsorship, media and insurance. Contact us if you are interested in bringing an event to your area. We plan a year in advance!

How are the events funded?

In His Wakes is a non-profit organization that operates on private and corporate donations. It is the desire of our heart to provide the “A Day to Remember” as a free event to our participants. In order to provide this amazing day, we ask the host of the D2R to assist our ministry in raising the necessary funds. In His Wakes provides a fundraising and marketing packet to assist the host in these efforts. The cost to In His Wakes is estimated at $150 per participant. With thousands of participants yearly, In His Wakes would not be able to operate the “A Day to Remember” without the funding efforts of our host.